The team of the Reflux Center Munich

Associate Professor Dr. med. Claus Bernhard Ablassmaier

Specialist in surgery, visceral, thoracic and
vascular surgery, head physician

The supreme goal of any surgical intervention is to avoid any unnecessary bodily stress and harm, and to initiate a quick convalescence. Since the early 90s the so-called keyhole surgery (minimally invasive surgery, MIS), has allowed surgical interventions in the body interior with a maximum protection of the surrounding tissue.

Professor Dr. Samir Said, MD (University of Berlin, Charité)

Samir Said
Specialist for general, visceral, vascular surgery and proctology

After the co-development of the Transanal Endo­scop­ic Micro­surgery “TEM” at the beginning of the nineties and the subsequent establishment of the Mini­mal Inva­sive Surgery “MIS” in the abdomen and chest at the University of Cologne, Minimal Invasive Surgery  has  since become my clinical and scientific focus throughout my further career.

Dr. med. Sven Pascal Ablaßmaier

Sven Ablaßmaier
Arzt im letzten Weiter­bild­ungs­jahr zum Fach­arzt für Innere Medizin

My father's work has fascinated me since I was a child. That's how I ended up working in his practice during my studies and assisting in operations using the BICORN procedure and other minimally invasive procedures. In addition, I have gained a wide range of expertise in other clinics.