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October 2019

Food reflux and heartburn I had felt since childhood, for a long time as normal. At the age of 20 I had swallowing problems, followed by an odyssey of years: diagnosed reflux and hiatus hernia, but poor response to PPI (in retrospect: too short and too low doses). At about 30 years of age, he was diagnosed with "eosinophilic esophagitis". With cortisone this was quite quickly under control, diaphragmatic hernia remained as a side finding. Reflux surgery was recommended, but postponed due to family planning. After pregnancies and births massively increased suffering pressure: eating and sleeping hardly possible anymore and much more...
Again to different doctors, 2 years with ÖGDs every 6 weeks and pretty much every PPI product in changing, high dosage, partly in combination with cortisone. Improvement only sluggishly and with step-down attempts immediately again deterioration. Multiple recommendation of a reflux surgery. As soon as it became concrete however always further variants of medicamentous solutions, therefore own-initiative appointment with Dr. Ablaßmaier.

He had my previous history described, looked (as one of the few in all the years) through all findings including pictures and answered my questions in detail. At the end of the consultation it was clear that the reflux part of my complaints is well treatable with his OP procedure. My eosinophilic esophagitis cannot be repaired by him, there is hope (as before under 3-4x daily PPI) that a less inflamed esophagus offers less attack surface.

Perfect performance of the operation: Preparation in the external center quick and good. Admission to the Arabella Clinic Mi. Early in the morning, surgery in the morning, back in the room at noon. The CO2 in my body was very unpleasant when I woke up and caused me the frequently mentioned pain until the afternoon. Until the evening, however, completely gone. The scars on my stomach are small and heal quickly. Showering is possible the day after the operation. Discharge Fr. early.

Dr. Ablaßmaier was there every day and took his time. He answered a question from home on Saturday within 1 hour by e-mail. Also the aftercare talk after 6 weeks was very detailed.

The hospital staff was very friendly and helpful, only the painkiller was discussed: I was so well that I could sleep well even without an infusion, the nurse said, but it was on the agenda - perhaps the only disadvantage of a hospital with a medical record, because the doctor is not available for profane questions.

I was allowed to drink immediately in sips, eat in the evening (broth), soft drinks the next day. Swallowing was completely problem-free. For 1 week I ate standing up, small portions and soft food, then gradually adjusted to "normal" food. In week 4 after the operation on a seminar I could eat in the dining room normally, I ordered (rather as a precaution) vegetarian food. Only the raw food salads were still too much for my stomach. I do my best to spare myself and not to lift anything, otherwise a normal everyday life (with breaks) is quite possible. Walk a lot, car wasn't so good in the beginning because of belt run over the scars.

I can sleep again, lie flat, eat (except carbonic acid), tie my shoes, my posture has improved and much more. The whole upper body feels new sorted. From time to time I still feel pressure on my stomach due to air pockets. And I have to practice singing again, because my diaphragm feels "completely new". I'm still short of breath during the slowly resumed sport - but it may also be due to the 6 weeks break.

I haven't had heartburn or food reflux since waking up from anesthesia, I was able to immediately reduce PPIs from 3 times a day before the operation to zero - a huge gain in quality of life!

Thank you!



January 2016

I was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia reflux 5 years ago. Since then I took daily Esomeprazol 40mg. My family doctor advised against surgery and recommended a higher dose of the medication if the discomfort increased.
I experienced all the side effects of the medication: tachycardia, bloating, diarrhea, iron deficiency, listlessness, exhaustion.

I found the website of Dr. Ablaßmeier on the Internet. I wrote him an e-mail in which I described my complaints. The next day in the evening Dr. Ablaßmeier called me and we arranged a consultation appointment in his branch office in Munich. One week before the consultation I had strong bilious collides, which occurred on vacation. During the consultation in a pleasant atmosphere he answered all our questions, was open and honest and took a lot of time for us. He was the first doctor who showed understanding for my complaints and my condition. He explained to me that he could perform the diaphragm surgery and the removal of the gallbladder (due to acute inflammation) in a single operation. What good news! We agreed to the operation because we felt great confidence in Dr.Ablaßmeier. I got an appointment 1 week later on Tuesday and on Sunday before the O.P. appointment I got again very strong biliary colics. We called Dr.Ablaßmeier and the incredible happened, he organized completely selflessly within 1/2 hour, that I could go to Munich to the Starmed-Klinik and was admitted there as an inpatient. The O.P. on 6.10.15 was successful, and I am very grateful to Dr. Ablaßmeier for everything!

My life has become worth living again through him.

In the beginning I still had to be careful with swallowing and could only take small meals well chewed to me. Now after 3 months I feel as good as for a long time no more.No stomach complaints no bloating belly...Thank you very much for everything and all the best for you and your great team in the Starmed-Klinik!


January 2015

Döbeln (Saxony) in Jan. 2015

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

You will remember, because patients from Saxony will probably not arrive so often.
My reflux surgery with you was exactly one year ago. 14 January 2014.
A reason to get in touch and send a little feedback.
After my discharge I hoped for a quick improvement, but the situation worsened worryingly: Stronger painful swallowing problems while eating - also with soft or mushy food. After 2-3 bites one had the feeling that the stomach closed, the food came up again with foam formation, also drinking had the same result. 4 kg weight loss
I almost declared myself an emergency, and then at the end of January, almost overnight, the situation changed.
In a few days, normality came into being.
Summary: Before the operation I felt extremely bad and now I can eat and drink normally again.

I am grateful to fate, Dr. Ablaßmaier, to have found you as an surgeon.

Your reflux surgery was right, I am satisfied and that is my message.

I thank you once again and wish you a successful year 2015.

Yours sincerely



December 2014

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

They operated on me on December 2, 2014. It's been three weeks. The decision to have you operate on me was the right one. Already during the consultation I felt your sovereignty and energy.

Now I can say from my own experience: Mr. Ablaßmaier can do it!

The small cuts have already healed well and I can spare myself well. The slime formation has become less, is no longer salty.
My stomach is still a little offended, but is getting better from day to day.

Everything in me is much better now than it was months ago with or without tablets.

I thank you for the successful operation and for the good care in Starmed Klinik. I wish you a Merry Christmas, happiness and health in the New Year.

Greetings from Hungary


July 2014

Dear Doctor Ablaßmaier,

my operation (hiatus hernia, lapr.hiatoplasty, strengthening of the hiatus with VyproNet) took place on 07.01.2014 in the StarMed-Klinik.
In the weeks before the operation I was very ill - stomach acid came up the esophagus, extreme heartburn, could eat almost nothing more and had lost a lot of weight in a short time.
I am still grateful to my partner today that he found your address on the Internet and that you made it possible to operate on me so quickly!

Today - 6 months later - I am well and I never had heartburn again!!

Thank you very much for the successful operation! Many thanks also for your patience and humanity with my questions before and after the operation!
I can recommend you with best conscience.

Many greetings


May 2014

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

I'm urged to send you this thank-you note. Now, three months after the surgery I feel (84) fully restored so I hike, exercise my muscles. I only regret that the surgery was not done earlier.
For years I suffered from excessive stomach acid, despite medication that neutralized the acid, and finally I lived for years with proton pump inhibitors.
I could no longer bend over, not tie my shoes, because there was a painful surge of acid during such movements every time.

What I don't understand: during regular gastroscopies in different clinics one noticed a growing diaphragmatic hernia, but as therapy there was only the advice to increase the medication dose. The answer to this question was that a diaphragmatic hernia could not be compared to a hernia in the groin.

So it was a coincidence that I became aware of the Starmed Clinic and PD Dr. Ablaßmaier as a surgeon. Then there were the concerns of the family doctor about the anaesthesia at my age.
I suspect that the anaesthesiologist was very cautious, perhaps with regard to my age, but subjectively the after-effect of the anaesthesia was no different from the short anaesthesia after a gastroscopy.

Fortunately, I didn't feel any swallowing problems after the operation, which one must apparently reckon with, but I still followed the doctor's instructions: small portions, chewed well.
Over a few weeks I felt a more rapid fatigue, which was insignificant compared to the positive experience: no stomach acid: neither when going to bed because of the horizontal position, which used to torture me after dinner, nor when bending down or other movements.

So all I can do is speak of a complete success.
My thanks for that!

Best regards

Prof. Dr. D. D.

January 2014

I was a patient from 26.12.2012 to 31.12.2012 in the Reflux Centre Munich. I was treated and operated by Dr. Ablaßmaier. My complaints were great, if I had eaten something, I immediately had pain and I was not well. I came across Dr. Ablaßmaier through a newspaper article. I contacted him and made an appointment for the operation. Despite all the circumstances, my stay in hospital was very pleasant, from the staff to Dr. Ablaßmaier. I wish there would be such a great care at my home, in our hospitals. After the conversation about the operation and everything else, I was not afraid of being operated any more. I simply felt in good hands. Every day I look forward to taking this step anew and being able to live without complaints.
best regards
S. M. from Siegen


December 2013

Operation of my diaphragmatic hernia on 08.07.2013

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

On 08 July 2013 you performed the operation on my diaphragmatic hernia with the greatest success. I had severe heartburn for 40 years. I had to take high-dose tablets every day to suppress the symptoms.

It was only by chance that I became aware of you, and I hope that your skills will make many more people as happy as I am.
You have made my life worth living again. It is a wonderful thing to be able to live without heartburn. For this I would like to thank you very much.

I have given my internists your address and will always recommend you.

Yours sincerely


November 2013 (18.11.)

Before the operation

For at least 20 years with each food intake and liquid supply much air and much pressure in the stomach, which went off terribly heavily. Additional complaints of this kind from coughing (40 years) to shortness of breath. Sweating and anxiety were added as well as reflux. Hardly bending down possible. Brushing the teeth and washing the hair forwards was a torment, sparse food intake a torture. Hardly any courage to live.
From 2012 this became unbearable. I missed more and more meals.

O.P. on 6.11.2013

The O.P. by Dr. Ablaßmaier was a salvation. Immediately after the O.P., the air was released through the intestine to an increased extent. I was able to eat the food I was offered immediately. So I felt better immediately. On the 4th day after the O.P. I was able to leave the clinic and travel to Hamburg.

Current status

Now I can bend down without problems, wash my hair forwards and brush my teeth without problems. No swallowing problems. I can eat again (still light food) and drink. 

Pressure often builds up in the stomach after eating. With Bloxair and/or MCP drops this slowly disappears - partly with bellies - and I feel well again. Intestinal gases are released. No reflux! Sometimes I have the feeling that the cough has decreased somewhat.

I am well! Have courage to live again.

Hamburg, 18.11.2013

Thank you, thank you!

November 2013

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

now it is one year since my wife Svetlana (47) was operated by you because of massive reflux problems. She had incredible difficulties for at least 5 to 8 years before the operation (...could not eat normally, after eating everything was like a stone in her stomach, lying down it was even worse, always had pain and forever this heartburn and burping stomach acid etc.), simply said: no more quality of life!

She was then with us in Munich at least with 3 to 5 so-called "specialists" or gastroenterologists. Even after the fifth gastroscopy none of these hobby physicians could make the correct diagnosis, or solve this problem also only rudimentarily. They only wanted to perform a gastroscopy every year (understand why?) and only prescribed scrap medication such as omeprazole or pantoprazole.
But then, thanks God, the turn for the better came. My fingers had been googled for nights and nights, I happened to see a programme about you on Munich TV and decided to go to see you immediately with my wife. Said-done. You were the only one who immediately saw the problem on the gastroscopy pictures you brought with you: 1. a 4 cm hole/tear in the diaphragm (so-called hernia), which has to be sewn up first! ( a matter of common sense - even without medical studies. Or?). All other OP measures, which you still accomplished, and/or which still stand in the OP report ... is now naturally also too specializedchinesisch described around it here now to explain to be able and/or to have - ... is also not at all crucial.

Fact is: These unspeakable hobby doctors and fool talkers, should be actually your license immediately los, because you strongly advised us all from an OP! - Also clear to everyone, why? - Or?
In short: You, dear Dr. Ablaßmaier, are not only a very sympathetic, human doctor, who takes his work and his profession (or a vocation to a doctor) seriously, but you have completely freed my wife from this problem 100% by your correct diagnosis and super performed surgery! No nausea, no pain, no stone in the stomach, no acid in the oesophagus, etc. - Everything gone as if it had never been there! Simply fantastic!

The surgery, which was only performed with 5 small 1 cm incisions, was neither painful, nor were there ugly scars. And also now after 1 year we are completely convinced of your art!!

For my wife and me nothing is natural in life, but really nothing at all, therefore really from the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU !!! You are a real MASTER !!!

I hope that we could help all those who have to struggle with this problem positively with our report.
If we had known earlier that this operation solves all problems 100%, my wife would have been spared all this pain over the years.

Best regards and all the best,
A. H

September 2013

I've tortured myself for a year. Could eat less and less from week to week, even drinks were very difficult to swallow, sometimes it did not work at all. At night while sleeping I was woken up by strong pressure and vomiting. There had to be a bucket next to the bed, because I could never have foreseen when I would vomit or would not have made it anywhere.
Treatments in 2 different hospitals have done nothing. The doctors were ignorant, listless or no idea. I had the feeling that they want and cannot help. Prescribing blood pressure tablets was their only idea. I lost 20 kg and nobody helped me.

Only by a lucky coincidence did I hear from Dr. Ablaßmaier and contact him immediately. Already after 14 days after the first contact he operated on me. He immediately knew what was wrong with me. Thank you!!!!!
The operation went very well. Already the next day I could eat and drink again. My attitude towards life was awakened again.
The operation was now 3 months ago and everything is ok. No problems with swallowing, eating or drinking. I have put on 10 kg again and have really gained strength while working again.

Thanks again Dr. Ablaßmaier

July 2013

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a diaphragmatic hernia by gastroscopy, which caused me more and more problems over time. Despite months of taking proton pump inhibitors and changing my diet, avoiding acid-stimulating foods and drinks and raising my bed etc., my symptoms became worse and worse. Every day I suffered from severe heartburn, pressure in my throat, difficulty swallowing and breathing, nocturnal coughing and anxiety in my chest and cramp-like pain in my stomach.

In my search for help I read about Dr. Ablaßmaier and his many years of experience in this field and decided to have an operation during a detailed and nice conversation with him. From the very beginning, I felt that I was receiving the best medical care and all my questions were clarified in advance. The operation itself lasted about an hour and after a day's rest I was able to carefully start drinking tea and eating small pureed meals the next day. After another three days I was able to leave the clinic.

The healing process was absolutely satisfactory and the five small scars healed very nicely. In the beginning the most important thing is to chew the food well so that there is no pain when swallowing. After a few weeks I could eat everything normally again and I felt better from day to day.

Meanwhile about 3 months have passed since the operation ½ and since then I have been living absolutely free of complaints. Stomach pain, burning or cramps have become completely foreign to me, I no longer have heartburn and acid burping. Also the problems in the neck area, the feeling of pressure in the chest area and nocturnal acid-related cough attacks are a thing of the past.

I am very happy to have decided to have this operation and would like to thank Dr. Ablaßmaier very much for the medical care and the regained quality of life!

Yours sincerely

P. G.

Mai 2013

Nachdem ich mich jahrelang mit Sodbrennen, Magenbeschwerden, Magenschleimhautentzündung und sämtlichen Gegenmittel, wie Omeprazol, Pantoprazol und div. andere Medikamente gequält habe, bin ich auf Empfehlung zu Dr. Ablaßmaier gekommen.
Noch zu erwähnen ist, 2 mal im Jahr zur Magenspiegelung, Diagnose immer das oben erwähnte. Medikamente haben nie wirklich geholfen. Ich konnte viele Speisen nicht vertragen, mir war oft schlecht. Dann hat man auf Laktose- Unverträglichkeit getippt. Habe dann sämtliche Milchprodukte nicht mehr zu mir genommen, hat sich aber nichts verändert.

Kurzerhand habe ich mich dann im November 2012 zu einer OP entschlossen, die von Dr. B. Ablaßmaier durchgeführt wurde. OP war problemlos, nach 3 Tagen Klinikaufenthalt wurde ich entlassen. Dann kommen 3 bis 4 Wochen wo man sehr gut kauen muss, kleine Bissen zu sich nehmen und langsam essen und trinken muss, was ja von Vorteil wäre. Bei mir war nach 4 Wochen alles wieder normal. Mir geht es Super gut, keinerlei Beschwerden mehr, kann alles essen und gut vertragen. Habe auch keine Laktose-Unverträglichkeit mehr. OP Bericht war Zwerchfellbruch, dadurch die Öffnung vom Magen in die Speiseröhre zu groß.

Möchte mich noch mal bei Dr. Bernd Ablassmaier bedanken.

M. W.


Januar 2012

Im Januar 2012 hat mich Dr.Ablassmaier in München am Mageneingang operiert um meinen Reflux zu beseitigen. Ich kann das allen leidgeplagten Patienten, die vor allem Protonenpumpenhemmer nehmen müssen, nur empfehlen. Diese Tabletten können über einen langen Zeitraum genommen sehr an die Knochensubstanz gehen, wie ich leider am eigenen Körper erfahren muss.

Die OP ist für den Bauchspezialisten Ablassmaier reine Routine. Nach fünf Tagen war ich wieder zu Hause. Die Unterbringung in der Klinik in München ist wie in einem Hotel. Man ist dort sehr hilfsbereit und freundlich.
In den ersten Tagen muss man gut kauen und viel trinken. Der Körper muss sich erst an den neuen Zustand gewöhnen. Nach ca. vier Wochen merkte ich schon, das ich vielseitiger essen kann und das mein Bedarf an Tabletten nachließ. Ich habe das bis heute nicht bereut und kann es jedem, den es betrifft, nur empfehlen.

W. H.


December 2011

Oberviechtach, 16.12.2011

To Doctor Ablaßmaier

Hello Doctor Ablaßmaier, I was operated by you on 10.11.2011 in Munich would like to thank you very much for it, because I have no heartburn since then.

The surgical wounds have healed well. I am very happy to have had this operation done by you.
I would have it done again any time.
I am symptom-free! If I know someone who also has such a problem, I will send the patient to you.

Thank you, thank you
I wish you a Merry Christmas,


November 2011-11-20

Mönchengladbach, 2011-11-20

The problem: stomach, diaphragm, esophagus

It wasn't just surgery, it wasn't just partial core restoration. It was catharsis.

The acute pains and complaints manifest themselves in constant irritable cough, nausea up to vomiting, loss of appetite up to refusal to eat, rejection of community, social degeneration and hopelessness.

Job-related cancellation of appointments blocked future perspectives and plans and resulted in fear of life and isolation, also socially.
The most horrible were the never-ending sleepless nights.

The result: optimism, energy, happiness.

After three months I'm back in the real good life without any side effects, sorting my environment anew, catching up on culture, patting the pleasure person, enjoying nature and I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart to the surgeon who, in my estimation, has reshaped a happy person again.

Before the operation I was also tormented by eternal irritable cough, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, pain in the stomach and esophagus.

Exactly one week after the operation, the German Federal Railway took us on the 800 km journey home. No problem. Only the first glass of red wine did not taste right. But it was my best.

I am very, very impressed by the art competence and many years of international experience of Professor Dr. Ablassmaier, the progress of medicine, the staff and in general the Isarklinik Munich.
Thank you all.


November 2011

Hatte jahrelang Probleme mit starkem Sodbrennen. Nahm diverse Medikamente dafür ein, die mich aber nicht davon befreiten.

Als ich dann zufälligerweise in einer Zeitschrift von Herrn Dr. Ablassmaier las, dieser u.a. auch auf Zwerchfelldurchbrüche spezialisiert ist, entschloss ich mich nach München zu fahren und mich von ihm operieren zu lassen.

Herr Dr. Ablassmaier ist ein sehr sympathischer Arzt und die OP verlief ohne Probleme. Schmerzen danach hatte ich so gut wie keine. Nach ein paar Tagen Aufenthalt wurde ich dann entlassen.

Circa drei Wochen danach musste ich nur langsamer essen, aber danach ging alles wie immer und hatte keinerlei Beschwerden.

Mein Sodbrennen hat sich sehr viel verbessert, hab nur noch selten und leichtes Brennen.

Kann ich also jeden nur empfehlen der das gleiche Problem hat.

Ein herzliches Danke nochmal an Herrn Dr. Ablaßmaier.

S. G.

May 2011

Munich, 14.05.2011

Since my youth I suffered from various stomach complaints which were then treated by two operations (vagotomy and 2 years later gastric resection Billroth I). At that time I was in my mid-20s, but for many years I suffered from severe complaints such as heartburn, burping, flatulence and coughing attacks, so I often get up at night.
and treated me with medications like nexium mups, Iberogast or something. This was also done in consultation with my family doctor or a well-known gastroenterologist, whom I visited regularly for check-ups.

Due to a fortunate circumstance I heard at a lecture by Dr. Bernd Ablaßmaier about a treatment option I had not known before.
In a private consultation, in which my husband was also present, we were informed in detail about the endoscopic minimally invasive operation possibility. After a short period of reflection, I decided to undergo this operation in the hope of being freed from my suffering. Unfortunately, I was still unsettled by my family doctor of many years. He very much questioned the possibility of healing through an operation. And would the health insurance pay for it?

Now, after clarifying the possibilities of the schedule, the operation was performed on 2.05.2011 in the Surgical Clinic Munich Bogenhausen, Denningerstr. 44.
The preparation procedure was extremely professional. But even then it was simply friendly and human. Whether reception in the clinic, preparatory talks by an anaesthesiologist or in general, the doctor right up to my bedside was simply super.
Now when you are woken up a few hours later by a loving handshake and float away into the anaesthesia, you simply feel in good hands.

I am not an easy patient, because diabetes II and cardiac arrhythmia with Marcumar treatment require some pre and post treatment.

What was "repaired" in detail can be found in the long doctor's report. For me as a patient it is already clear after only a few days: The stomach is peaceful. After a short time I was able to stop taking the painkillers and the healing of the surgical openings is very quick.

Now finally:
You have to look for such a professional, highly qualified and nevertheless human friendly doctor. I simply felt comfortable and in good hands in every phase of my treatment.

Yours sincerely

H. B

March 2011

Dear Dr. med. Bernd Ablaßmaier,

For several years I have suffered extremely from heartburn. Medically there was no success. Therefore, in 2009 a surgical intervention on the diaphragm was necessary, which I had performed in Berlin.

Unfortunately, the success was negative and I continued to suffer from severe heartburn. In 2011, I was informed by the pharmacy newspaper that you were also carrying out this operation.

So I decided briefly to have you operate on my diaphragm in Munich. The operation was and is a great success for my health, as the annoying heartburn has disappeared.

My quality of life has been positive again since that time.

With many greetings

Your former patient


December 2009

Dear Dr. Ablaßmaier,

In mid-July of this year I underwent a reflux surgery at your place. As promised, I wanted to make a written feedback on how my complaints now behave after 3 months. First of all, I felt very comfortable in your hospital. Any care in your hospital is very good. There was nothing to complain about.

Now to the surgery. Approximately 4 days after the operation the swallowing problems already announced by you began with me. Every bite, even the smallest one, did not seem to slide down. These complaints lasted about 8 weeks, I thought it would never stop.
Also in this time I had just as much heartburn as before the operation. Then I slowly reduced the dose of Nexium from 1-0-1 to ½ -0-0. At some point I tried it completely without it.

The end result is that I am not completely rid of my complaints, but I feel much better than before. I don't have to take medication regularly anymore, but I have to go back to the acid blockers again.
I'll have very severe heartburn for a few days.

I promised you I would send you a report on my state of health and thank you again for your very friendly, calm manner.
In my opinion, the decision to have this operation was the right one, but I had hoped to be completely free of complaints.
But you did not guarantee me this either.

I would now like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy start to the
Year 2010 wish and remain

Yours sincerely


March 2008

Dear Private Lecturer, Doctor Ablaßmaier,

Today I would also like to briefly tell you about the history of my operation,
to let other patients, who suffer the same fate, not hesitate a day to have this operation done at your place.
I had ten years of heartburn, day and night. At night I had slept with three pillows to endure it.
It got worse every year. In the last ten years I have swallowed about 1000 tablets of Pantozol per year. In 2006, when I lived in Berlin, my family doctor, who was an internist, referred me to the Charité for surgery. When I arrived, the doctor made me so afraid, the operation does not work anyway and if you get along with the tablets, you better take them for a lifetime, he said literally.

The operation has not been done very often yet and you would have to "swallow with a tube" the esophagus to check if it works and this without anesthesia.
This examination takes about 20-30 minutes. After I had problems with nausea and the doctor scared me of the operation, I left the room and went home.

My internist scolded me. He also couldn't understand the doctor who scared me. He told me that I had to have an operation. However, I did not go there anymore and swallowed Pantozol again.

After my husband had died in Berlin, I moved back to my home in Bavaria in March 2008. All I could eat without heartburn was a sip of beer in the evening. I knew I couldn't and don't want to go on like this.

I called in September 2008 in Berlin in the Charité and said I would like to have urgently in the date to the operation no matter whether I come back home or not. I can't stand it any longer.
A doctor asked me where I was at the moment, I told you in Bavaria. He then asked me how far I had to go to Munich: I meant about 150 km. He said I should call Professor Doctor Ablaßmaier, he was his teacher, I need not be afraid of him. He would also have him operate on him.

That's what I did and asked you, if the operation is necessary, to leave me in the hospital immediately so that I don't change my mind again.
I was operated in September 2008 on a Tuesday and on Saturday 8:00 a.m. I took the train back home. Since this second of the operation I don't know any heartburn. This new feeling is indescribable.
I wouldn't hesitate a second today and I wouldn't be afraid of this operation anymore. In addition, you Professor Dr. Ablaßmaier are such a dear nice doctor, to whom one must have immediate confidence.

In September it will be three years since the operation. I have no complaints and no heartburn. I went on holiday at the end of March. On the way to Munich I met Mrs. P. when we both got on the train in Plattling and sat next to each other.
We got into conversation and she told me exactly the same problems with heartburn. I told her what I had been through and advised her to have an operation immediately, but by none other than you.
She then immediately arranged an outpatient appointment at the Rinecker Clinic. We called when I was back from vacation and she told me that she had been told that the Professor Doctor Ablaßmaier was no longer in the house.

I didn't know whether they had already gone home or were no longer in that hospital. I called the Rinecker clinic and they told me that you were no longer in that clinic. I wanted to know where to find them now, but I was told they didn't know.
But I was not satisfied with that and called again and said that I urgently need you for my operation and if you did not tell me I would hold you responsible if something happened. Then I got your address. I called Mrs. P. and told her to cancel this appointment at the Rinecker Clinic and then gave her your phone number to make an appointment.
I told her not to go to the Schmiedl if you can have the best. She also got an appointment for the operation at short notice. Mrs. P. will tell you about the further course of the operation. In conclusion, I can only say that I would not wait another day and can only tell everyone not to do so either.

It is a completely new attitude towards life. However, I would only have the operation done by you! I am grateful every day that I have found it,

Yours sincerely
M. D.